Modern Swedish Rugs

These rugs are available in a palette of fresh stripes, a typical Gustavian pale blue and a soft grey. The modern rugs are a continuation of the tradition of rug weaving in Scandinavia. Although using modern dyes a number of the patterns are based on century’s old design tradition. The rugs are tightly woven and with the exception of the brightly striped rug, are reversible.

About Swedish Rag Rugs

About Swedish Rag Rugs

The rag rugs available at The Northern House have been woven in the past 100 years. No two of these unique pieces are the same: each rug is a one off.

The History of Rag Rugs

The story of the Swedish Rag Rug

Rag rugs have lain on the floors of cottages, farmhouses and manor houses throughout Sweden for more than 150 years.

Caring for Your Rag Rug

Caring for your Rag Rug

Guidance on caring for Swedish Rag Rugs.